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A Panfandom Roleplay. Supercomputer takes your precious memories & runs experiments. MYSTERY/SCIFI

Reverie Lane
are you lost?

Imagine, if you will, a peaceful, pleasant city.

One that you see the second you open your eyes. You don't remember how you got there, but you do know this:
it's serene and ideal.

Still, despite the tranquility of the city, something seems...off.

The city is absolutely empty. You can tell someone was there. Just there. Maybe you saw a ball roll from the basketball court, or maybe you're in the center of a street, surrounded by empty cars that were obviously on not long ago. It brings a chill down your spine for some reason.

And you can't help but feel you're forgetting something. Something...important. But what?

Welcome to Reverie Lane, a multi-fandom RP where you find yourself in a large, deserted city. What happened to the people there before you? Can you solve the mystery? Or maybe you'd rather figure out how to leave. That may very well lie in your own memories...

If only you could remember.

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