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[Renji's current mood was a mess of conflicting emotions: he was frightened by MEMORIA and the power she and this place had over life and death (he was beheaded, only to later awaken with his head attached and no sign of injury— no wounds, no scars, no stitches, nothing), he was both happy to finally remember the face of the one he had forgotten, but depressed that it was not Sakura. He had himself convinced that she was the one he had forgotten and he had grown to have such feelings for her.

He was also wary: could this all be another trick of MEMORIA's? Another game? And who was that strange woman who had made contact with them?

When he speaks, it's unusually level and calm.]

When the library started burning down... how many of you guys got memories back? Ryo, you can fight again, right? Do you remember how to fight with a sword?

Ukitake-taichou, Hinamori, Edgeworth, Denmark... I need a status report from everybody here.

And also, Ukitake-taichou, I'd like to know if you've gathered any useful information about MEMORIA or Reverie Lane itself from the library; but maybe it'd be best to talk in person.

I don't know if MEMORIA's just toying with our memories again or if these are the real deal, but if it's true... if these really our parts of our missing memories, we must be doing something right.

The library's gone now, right? [He was out for a day or so, it seemed. He hadn't gotten the chance to check, but he doubted there was much that was salvagable of that old library, after the blazing fire that engulfed it all.]

But we haven't remembered everything.

[He'd wondered about this before making the video: he had come to the grim conclusion that they might as well burn the whole place down and see where that gets them. He laughed at his stupidity afterwards, but it still the best plan he could come up with.

Just where was his Captain, now that he needed him most?

But it's alright, if he can't be here, Renji will try his best to take on a leadership role, even if it didn't suit him and even if he was as lost as anyone else:]

We need to come up with a plan. We just might've found a hole in her system... all we need to do is make the hole a little bigger and maybe we'll get our chance to bust out of this thing.

We just need to find out how, so we don't just go around destroying everything randomly and getting ourselves in an even bigger fix.

[Yeah, Renji's not suggesting they just attack everything recklessly; it's definitely going to snow tomorrow, isn't it?]

-First- ??

Good morning, people of reverie lane.


[Video] 1 ;

[Phoenix fumbles with that gadget in his hand a bit, and finally, the feed is turned on.]

[He stares at the screen, wondering what should be said first.]

...Whoa, this is...kind of weird.

[He clears his throat.]

So, erm, hi all. I don't quite know what's going on here. Just about a few hours ago I was in bed, and now all of a sudden I'm...here...?


[The feed comes on, a blonde haired young women appears. She looks worried and frighten, she holds the camera up to her face.]

Hello... anyone there?


[The feed turns on, and you see the black haired teen again.  He looks worried and sad, and you can see butterflies flying around, outside a window.  The room, you can see, looks like a normal room and he's just sitting on the bed.  He's mumbling to himself.]

Estellise is gone, hopefully she made it home, same with Kiryu...but why was I brought back?  I'd rather be beaten up by the squad 11 members than be back here...

[Now, he's actually looking at the phone and talking loud enough to where he can be heard.]

Can anyone tell me what's going on at the moment?  It seems like an experiment, and what we're supposed to do to stop it?

1-[Accidental Video]

[As the feed turns on, you see a teenager looking around confusedly. The look though, slowly turns to one of recognition and slight terror.]

I-I'm back? W-why am I back here?!

[He yelps as he duck under a butterfly, and looks around quickly]

Why are the butterflies flying around outside the park?

[He looks towards where Reverie Lane is and starts to run towards it]

I-I h-hope Estellise is alright...


Be careful, those butterflies are just bad news.

[ That sounded oddly like memoria, but not quite.


Then the feed simply fizzles out, although you could make out the sound of sirens from where ever she is. Want to try following it?. ]


18th flare~[Voice]

[Ryo is currently dodging behind trees and the like. White Blaze is doing that same, and doing very well at dodging the butterfiles, considering his size. You can hear that he's slightly out of breath]

What the hell is with all the butterflies? They're everywhere! I thought they only stayed in the park.

[He gives a sarcastic laugh]

Anyone know where I can find a flamethrower?

[There is a growl of agreement that can be heard]


[introductory video post... very delayed.]

[Latvia arrived a while ago already, but he's been laying low. He may be "used" to be alone in a crowd, but being fully alone in a desert city is something else! Who knows what's lurking behind the buildings, the trees...]


[He isn't sure if trying to use the cellphone to contact whoever is around is a good idea, but currently he can't think of anything else. So he fumbles with it, sigging and trying to ignore the butterflies outside the small grocery store he's pretty much locked himself into.]

Hello? T-this is Raivis. Can you hear me? Where are you...?


Thirteenth Thoughts

I see butterflies. Strange......why are they here? Memoria, why do you do such things?



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